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Can all promoters please check the spelling of David MIGDEN (it is often spelt incorrectly :) )
‘Animal & Man’ Out Now
David Migden & the Twisted Roots eagerly awaited third album ‘Animal & Man’ was re- released by Blues Boulevard Records 10/10/2014 and is receiving great critical acclaim.
Sidestepping the customary Blues-clichés, David Migden & The Twisted Roots – their name accurately reflecting the melting pot genre – perform unique material in a genre-busting crossover of Blues, Rock and American Roots music. His range and tone astonishing; David Migden is regarded as one of the best male vocalists of contemporary Blues music!
David Migden was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, moving to the UK as a teenager. After playing and touring around Europe, initially in the Lee Sankey Group with Matt Schofield and Ian Siegal, he then teamed up with (the then) Dirty Words, releasing “Second Hand Tattoo,” their debut album, to an excellent response from critics and fans alike. David Migden and his band, by now renamed Twisted Roots  released their follow-up album “Killing It” in 2012, once again receiving lustrous reviews in the relevant media and radio play across the globe.
David Migden & The Twisted Roots won the prestigious New Brunswick “Battle of the Blues” competition and appeared at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Canada in Sept 2013,. They were nominated in the British Blues Awards for best original song (“Shel”), and twice in a row, 2013 and 2014, in the category best singer. The band also won both Best Band and Best Newcomer in the “Blues Matters“ writers’ poll of 2013. As a result they were chosen to represent the UK at European Blues Challenge 2104 in Riga, Latvia in April 2014, where they won third place. In Riga they were noticed by Alfie Falckenbach of Blues Boulevard Records, and in the following months an agreement was reached for worldwide release of their third album of self-penned songs: “Animal And Man.”
The band’s reputation has been growing with radio play across the UK, Europe and the US.
‘Animal & Man’, recorded at Rimshot studios in Kent, has the sound and songs the band have always wanted. It was partly financed by a successful Pledgemusic campaign, where fans of the band have helped to finance the album in advance.
The members of The Twisted Roots have each individually played with a host of internationally renowned artists including Robert Plant, James Brown, Matt Berry and Corinne Bailey Rae, and have gained a reputation for playing exhilarating shows.
David Migden – Vocals/Trumpet/Piano
Phil Scragg – Bass
James Sedge  – Drums/Percussion
Joe Gibson  – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Graham Mann – Keyboard/Trombone/Backing Vocals/ Percussion

Animal & Man David Migden & The Twisted Roots

Animal and Man inside cover

The Twisted Roots are:

David Migden – Vocals/Trumpet/Piano

Phil Scragg – Bass

James Sedge  – Drums/Percussion

Joe Gibson  – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Graham Mann – Keyboard/Trombone/Backing Vocals/ Percussion

 Pictures for Print and Web Use

Animal & Man David Migden & The Twisted RootsDavid Migden and the Twisted Roots Band Collage


David Migden and the Twisted Roots Canada

Press Quotes

Voodoo blues? Jazz-inflected soul? Whatever you call it, the quintet’s current release Animal & Man is a gem. Every tune is laced with compelling imagery and chock full of atmosphere. The playing is top-notch without once going over-the-top and the production lets it all shine through – above all, Migden’s soulful voice, which is almost too pretty for the blues. This brilliantly executed album belongs in the hands of anyone for whom music is the ultimate medicine.”
Vincent Abbate – Blues Music Magazine

“With his amazingly beautiful voice, Midgen seduces the listener – luring him into his musical kingdom, supported at all times by a band of incredibly accomplished musicians who seem to have mastered a dozen instruments between them! The clear and warm sound of this analog production, like the album itself, leaves nothing to be desired.”
Classic Rock Magazine (Germany)

‘…a contemporary fusion of blue-eyed soul shouter and Beefheartian swamp growler’ Susie Goldring  BBC Online

‘Migden’s Joe Williams-like deep tones, contrasted with a Howling Wolf falsetto, asserted pretty clearly that we’ll be hearing a lot from him.’ The Guardian

‘Migden’s songs lean heavily towards storytelling, painting often- sinister pocket-sized portraits from the dark side of town’ Classic Rock Blues March 2013

‘Lyrically their material is darker than a Sith Christmas party’ R2 Rock ‘n’n Reel March 2013

‘…David Migden’s resonant baritone and knack for writing intriguing melodic twists sidesteps the usual blues cliches’. Play Music Magazine

‘They have managed to successfully blend blues, funk, soul, rock with a little bit of country and come up with an original unique sound they can definitely call their own’.
Rob Stanley – The Midlands Rocks Jan 2013

’Blues. Funk. Soul. Rock. The band themselves say it’s ‘twisted American roots’ and they probably know best. Either way, you can safely file under “Great Music”.
Heritage Music UK Jan 2013

‘         David Migden & The Dirty Words are a band that ooze class. One of the albums of the year.’
Labeled Independent Dec 2012

‘If you have an appreciation for live music played by genuinely talented people, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out.’
Steve Boniface – My Dad Rocks Dec 2012

‘Trust us when we say you need this album in your life!’
SOTWs Oct 2012

‘David Migden is regarded by many as one of the best male vocalists in the area, his range and tone are both astonishing!’
Going Out Oct 2012

“Phenomenally good”
Jamie Cullum

“Compelling Listening”

“This could be big”
Time Out

‘This is a band that are more than comfortable in their own skin and know just how to keep an audience in the palm of their hand’.
Maidstone Fringe magazine

‘Jaw dropping musicianship and killer songs’
So TW magazine

‘I got a band shaped like a hand, five fingers in no-man’s land’
David Migden


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iTunes https://itun.es/gb/oCtz3

Other Releases

In 2005 David Migden released ‘Little Stranger’.


In 2007 David Migden and the Dirty Words released their first album ‘Second Hand Tattoo’


‘Killing it’ was released August 2012


Joe Gibson

Guitars: 1986 Fender Japan ’62 reissue Strat (Surf Green):

1986 Fender Japan Squier E Series Strat (Blue):

This guitar is fitted with Van Zandt Blues pickups.


Dr Z EZG50 Head with Dr Z 4 x 10 cab:


Korg Pitchblack tuner:

JAM Pedals Tremolo:

Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster:

Graham Mann

Nord Stage Piano, Conn 8H trombone and various old percussion bits and pieces.

James Sedge

1968 Ludwig drum kit with a 1967 Acrolyte snare. Mainly Istanbul cymbals.

Phil Scragg

Fender Jazz 1962

Godin electro acoustic bass guitar

Lakland skyline bass

Maton MG4 fretless

Warwick streamer 5 string

Mexican fender Jazz with Warmoth Fretless neck, EMG pickups and Badass bridge

Defretted no name Jazz copy circa 1978 tuned A,D,G,C

Double bass found for me in Holland by great Jazz bassist Hein Van De Geyn

Gallien Kruger MB112

Ampeg SVTpro Bass pre-amp

Berhinger iNuke 1000 watt power amp

Schroeder 2 x 12 cabinet

Hughes and Kettner 2 x 10 cabinet

Markbass LM2 Amplifier

David Migden

SM58 microphone, Benge Trumpet and a loudhailer.

 Stage Plan

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